House of Milan for Numéro Berlin, by Rita Lino. Styling: Fabio Pace

The Iconic Royal House of Milan is one of the many ‘Houses’ that has contributed to the molding and growth of ballroom culture. Often described as the ‘one to watch’, the house’s richness is revealed in its tenacity and sharp refinement. Since its ballroom debut in 1989, an interest in fashion is what shapes the house—’Milan’ stands for elegance, excellence and fierce competition. Iconic members include Melsun, Roger, Terry, Brenda, Jamal and Stanley, who have roared the American ballroom landscapes of the 1990s. Today the house has international ‘branches’ and is ever-evolving. The German chapter of the House is an extended family of ballroom children led and mentored by Father David Milan, one of the most renowned ballroom figures in Germany and Western Europe.