Everyone has a superpower inside them, waiting to be discovered. With this Ball, we want you to find the superpower within you (whether that it’s kindness, respect, love and goodness, bravery, or extraordinariness) to express and live it freely and unapologetically. You are deserving of attention; you are the spotlight. Together, as superheroes, we can impact other people’s lifes, fight for acceptance and make our voices heard, towards an empowered and better world.

All profits will go to Lambda BB e.V.. Lambda BB e.V. provides a sense of community and safe space for queer teenagers and adolescents in Berlin, Germany; helping young lesbians, gays, bi-, trans, inter and queers between 14 and 27 to express themselves and be a part of a world that understands and fully accepts them.
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ABOUT VOGUING.DE is a platform dedicated to the promotion of ballroom culture and the interconnection of voguing professionals and enthusiasts. Creating welcoming spaces and making the underground ballroom culture visible, the platform seeks to transfer international knowledge to the German community and vice-versa, create dialogues, and expand on the potential of voguing as an art form.


The activities of include balls, workshops, performances and other events aimed at instilling interest in the culture, while offering safe and empowering environments for the exchange of experiences, life-stories, perspectives, and narratives.

Our Merch

What's your superpower? We're sure you have one. We all have one. And that's what makes you uniquely you. It’s time to stand up. Always. Voguing, the dance style that popularized the Ballroom culture, is a form of self-expression and a means to proclaim freedom and acceptance beyond societal rules. The community around it celebrates diversity and individuality, allowing you to be the truest version of yourself. teamed up with STUDIO O and EMERALD BERLIN, who share these values unconditionally to make an impact and encourage people to use their superpower. 100% of the surplus of this collection will be donated to Lambda BB e.V..



We believe support is only possible if no one is exploited for it. Therefore all our products are produced at the highest level in a fair and sustainable way.


100% VEGAN

Did you know that most clothes contain animal products? We don't think that's necessary. That's why we pay special attention to a 100% vegan production.



We focus on the highest quality and thus on the durability of our products. You can not only see this but also feel it directly. Disposable fashion was yesterday.



Sustainable fashion is great. But we make sustainable fashion 2.0 - each of our products directly supports a social project. Not only financially but first and foremost we create awareness. That's why we also call our fashion Impact Fashion.